How To Choose the Right Rental Bridal Lehenga?

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Tips on Choosing a Perfect Bridal Lehenga

Choosing a unique, comfortable, and stunning lehenga for a wedding can be daunting. It may seem very easy but when the moment comes to make that decision, it just boggles our minds. Because let’s be real no matter how important a friend's or cousin’s wedding may seem, nothing compares to your own wedding. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment. A moment when everyone wants to shine and feel like an empress. To feel like one you need to look like a regal lady. Let's see how we can choose the right one before looking for “bridal lehenga on rent near me” or “bridal lehenga for rent near me.”

Consider The Season Before Looking For “Bridal Lehenga On Rent Near Me”

This single external factor can make or ruin your dream day. India is a humid country when it comes to weather and most of the time it's a never-ending summer season. We can’t always set our wedding dates in winter. So if your wedding is in Summer, then be very attentive to the below factors:

1. Fabric: We are not suggesting you take cotton bridal lehenga on rent, but don’t go for velvet either. You can choose silk, net, soft crepe, georgette, etc. Net is comparatively more comfortable.

2. Embroidery and Embellishments: Heavy embroideries can make them uncomfortable to wear. You do not need to go for a bland one but maintain a balance. You need to understand one thing, the bride needs to wear the lehenga for a very long time on that day.

3. Weight: If you are choosing light fabric and balanced embroidery then the weight will be automatically bearable. But if it has stone or kundan works then think twice.

If the wedding day is during winter then you are really lucky. Go for regally designed velvet. It will give you enough warmth and the dream look as well.

Think About Your Body Type

It is vital to reflect on your body type when choosing a bridal chaniya choli. Different styles and designs complement diverse body types. For instance, if your body is pear-shaped, you should go for a lehenga with a flare and a fitted choli. If your figure is an hourglass, a fitted waist, and flared skirt will suit you. If you are skinny then opt for heavy fabric and embroideries, you can also choose riffles or a cape, which will add some volume. The plus-size ladies should go for silk and georgette.

Yes, it sucks when you can’t choose the one you like, but our ultimate goal is to make you prettier than usual. So rather than choosing a random lehenga you liked, go for the perfect one for you.

Choose the Right Fabric For Bridal Lehenga On Rent

The fabric of your bridal chaniya choli is just as imperative as the design and shape. We have already discussed how it can impact your comfort depending on the weather. Different fabrics have different textures, and picking the precise fabric can make a massive difference. Brides usually prefer Velvet, Georgette, Silk, Net, and Chiffon.

The Right Color

Red and Wine are mostly chosen colors when it comes to choosing a bridal lehenga. There is something about red, it’s gorgeous, royal, and romantic. But different ladies have different preferences and skin tones. Just imagine wearing a white lehenga with silver or pearl embellishments, it will look stunning and royal.

These days brides are also preferring nude colors and pastel shades like sky blue, baby pink, etc. Royal blue, dark green, and magenta are also not that behind in this race. Black is not considered as an auspicious color but it totally depends on the bride and her persona.

Embroidery and Embellishments of Rental Bridal Lehenga

The embroidery and embellishments on your rental bridal lehenga can enhance its overall look. Pick a lehenga with elaborate, flawless, and elegant embroidery and embellishments to add a feel of royal glamour to your bridal look. Trendy types of embroidery for bridal lehengas include jardousi, zari, dabka, and mix-n-match, etc. Mirror works are also an all-time favorite option for brides.

Here are some more bonus tips

Go for rental bridal lehenga, cause you will hardly wear it again.

Pick it way before your wedding day to alter it as per your measurement.

Choose the right kind of accessories.

Decide the length after considering what kid heels are you going to wear.

You can consider the wedding theme before picking the bridal lehenga.

Check the bridal lehenga rent price to evaluate your budget. So while browsing, browse for bridal lehenga on rent with price.

Wrapping Up

Bridal Lehengas are one of many dreams a bride-to-be dreams of. So no matter what others are saying never compromise with your expectations because it's your wedding day, the most important day of your life. Take your time and visualize how you are going to look in that bridal lehenga on rent you are going to choose. Be confident and be the head turner.

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