Accessories to Choose with Rental Lehenga Choli

Rental Lehenga Choli

Lehengas can be considered as one of the most gorgeous Indian dresses for women. The exquisite designs, royal embroideries and gorgeous embellishments makes it a perfect bridal wear, party wear and any other occasions. But to complement a perfect Lehenga look you need perfect accessories too. lehengas and accessories are two integral parts of your look. So ignoring the accessories part is a big no no. While you are looking for "lehenga choli on rent near me," do not forget to look for a few accessories too. Now the question is what kind of accessories should you wear or carry with Lehenga choli.


Sequine Or Embroidered Bags To Pair With Rented Lehenga Choli


Potli bags

Potli bags are ageless when it comes to Indian fashion. They look traditional and cute at the same time. Yes, the functionality is comparatively less than any other clutches or handbags. But here we are emphasizing on style and looks rather than usability.

Choose a potli that's gorgeous. You can choose a potli that can be used with multiple dresses. It's better to choose a sequined or embroidered one. It will look great with your Lehenga choli. Beaded potlis are also a great option.

Fun Fact: Do you know potli bags have a history that dates back to vedic period? Yes, you read it right. During vedic era, people used to keep their belongings in a potli. It was also vastly used in Ayurvedic massages.


Heavily worked Clutches

If you are not comfortable with potli then look for a stunning clutch. It will also look great with your lehenga choli on rent. Sequined clutches can be the right choice if you are choosing a sequined rental lehenga choli.



This is the most important accessory if you are wearing any sort of traditional attire. But you need to be selective when picking the jewelry.

When you browse for "lehenga choli for rent near me," notice what kind of design and color the lehenga has. If you are choosing zari or zardosi design lehenga choli for rent, then go for kundan jewelry. If you are choosing light colored, elegant lehenga choli then pearl jewelry will look great. Beaded necklace and gemstone ones also look exceptionally good with lehengas



The necklace must be a heavy-worked junk piece. But if your lehenga has a great neckline with embroidery, then choose a necklace that will not cover that design. You can choose a choker in that case. Chokers add a different kind of elegance.



Jhumkas are the best option and go really well with lehengas. If you are not comfortable with jhumkas then wear a heavy, chain attached earring. Though stud is apparently not a great option for lehengas, that entirely depends on what kind of lehenga you are choosing.



We generally don't get enough chances to wear gorgeous jewelry like mangtika. Mang Tikas enhance our facial beauty, draw attention to our hair-do as well.



From resin bangles to churis, your hand should not be empty when wearing a lehenga. You can choose different design bangles and combine them.



Now what can we say! Lehenga and kamarbandh are the most sensual duo. It makes your waistline attractive, creates a design break and enhances the overall look.


Nose ring

Nose rings can be optional. You can choose simple regular diamond nose rings or a nathni. But our vote goes to nathni of course.



We are not sure whether to consider mehendi as accessories or not. But mehndi is irrevocably one of the most important parts of your wedding or party look. It looks outstanding with sarees and lehengas.



If you are wearing lehenga for haldi then choosing flower jewelries can look really refreshing. Apart from that you can use jasmine flowers gajra on your hair. Artificial flower embellishments can also be a fabulous option for your hairdo.



Last but not the list, your sandal. You can choose sequined sandals or a mojra. It Depends on your comfort and type of lehenga. A certain kind of high heels also look amazing with lehengas.


Where Do I get Lehenga Choli on Rent Near Me?

If you need lehenga choli on rent, then all you need to do is open your browser and search “lehenga choli for rent near me,” or “lehenga choli on rent near me.” You will get options. Choose from the available options based on the reviews, collections and affordability.


Wrap Up

Accessories can complement your lehenga look and give it a perfect compilation. So be a bit choosy when picking the accessories for your rental lehenga choli. We girls are called divas and in no point we should compromise when it comes to our looks. Choose Odhney rental lehengas and rock the party.

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